At Metacred, we believe in making our world a better place by raising the standard of standard-setting programs. Our mission is to develop, manage, and grow the best credentialing programs in the world. We accomplish this by bringing the best credentialing practices, staff, vendors, and other resources within the reach of all organizations.

Metacred, Inc. is an Association Management Company (AMC) that specializes exclusively in the credentialing facet of association work. In fact, we are the oldest and largest full-service Credential Management Company (CMC) in existence.

What makes us different:

• Unmatched staff expertise in running valid, reliable, legally defensible certification, certificate, licensure, and accreditation programs.

• All credentialing programs managed by Metacred are operated in accordance with globally accepted accreditation standards.

• Strategic agreements with the best vendors of globally scalable support services to credentialing programs are negotiated based on the combined volume of all Metacred clients, resulting in significant savings for each client.

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Develop a New Credentialing Program

If your organization wants to start a certification, licensure, certificate, or accreditation program, we can help you do it the right way--ensuring that your program is valid, legally defensible, and successful by every measure. The METACRED™ RaD™ (Research and Development) solution will enable you to realize your strategic and financial goals.

Metacred is a CAE Approved Provider. Every program that we offer which qualifies for CAE credit will clearly identify the number of CAE credits granted for full participation, and we will maintain records of participation in accord with CAE policies. For more information about the CAE credential or Approved Provider program, please visit

Improve an Existing Credentialing Program

If you want to get your credentialing program into compliance with accreditation standards, are thinking about going global, or have hit a growth ceiling and need assistance breaking through, we can take your program to the next level--and beyond. Our METACRED™ aCClaiM™ (Comprehensive Credential Management) solution delivers a world-class experience to the applicants, certificants, and volunteer leaders engaged in your credentialing program.

Metacred, Inc. BBB Business Review

Increase Your Value Proposition

By sharing Metacred's infrastructure, our clients realize increased ROI and efficiency, due to economies of scale. Through an innovative approach to marketing and government relations, we maximize the value and impact of the credentials we manage.