Why We Exist

At Metacred, we believe in making our world a better place by raising the standard of standard-setting programs.  Our mission is to develop, manage, and grow the best credentialing programs in the world.

How We Do It

We accomplish our mission by bringing the best credentialing practices, staff, vendors, and other globally scalable resources within the reach of all organizations.

What We Are

Metacred is an Association Management Company (AMC) that specializes exclusively in credentialing.  That means that we are the premier solution for associations, AMCs, companies, and governments that:

  • • Need help creating and implementing legally defensible credentialing programs that are embraced by the credentialed occupation and its various stakeholders;
  • • Want to get existing credentialing programs into compliance with accreditation standards, are thinking about going global, or have hit a growth ceiling and need assistance breaking through;
  • • Require their credentialing programs to be built and operated by an all-star team of the top staff talent and best-in-class vendors within the credentialing community; and
  • • Want to increase their Return on Investment (ROI) by taking advantage of the economies of scale that flow from sharing infrastructure with other AMC clients.

What Makes Us Different

  • • Your program’s quality is our top priority
  • • We are the all-stars of the credentialing community
  • • Your program’s growth and impact is our other top priority
  • • We have a stake in your success
  • • Your program’s financial success is our other, other top priority
  • • We get the big picture
  • • You will enjoy working with us

Read more about our differentiators here

Who We Are

Metacred’s management team is comprised of some of the most talented stars within the credentialing and association community.

Every one of our Directors of Credentialing (the chief staff executives assigned to our clients’ credentialing programs) has a proven track record of successfully managing a certification program that adheres to relevant global standards (National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or International Organization for Standardization (ANSI/ISO/IEC Standard 17024) for certification programs or certifying bodies, ANSI/ICE Standard 1100:2010(E) for certificate programs, or ANSI’s standards for Accredited Standards Developers).

Our CEO is J David M Rozsa, CAE, ACA–a visionary leader within the credentialing field and a past member of the Board of Directors of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE, the parent organization of the NCCA).

Where We Are

Metacred is headquartered in McLean, Virginia, USA.  Our bundled Test Service Provider (exam delivery partner) has more than 8,000 secure test centres around the world, which means that our clients’ credentialing programs have truly global reach and impact.