Your program’s quality is our top priority

All credentialing programs built and managed by Metacred are developed and operated in accordance with globally accepted accreditation standards. A poorly architected or administered occupational standard-setting program can expose the sponsoring organization to major legal liability. Perhaps more importantly, we believe in leaving the world better than we found it, so we never take shortcuts or compromise our integrity—or yours.


We are the all-stars of the credentialing community

Unmatched staff expertise in building and operating valid, reliable, legally defensible certification, accreditation, certificate, and licensure programs. Every one of our Directors of Certification (the chief staff executives assigned to our clients’ credentialing programs) has a track record of successfully managing a certification program that adheres to relevant global standards (National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) or International Organization for Standardization (ANSI/ISO/IEC Standard 17024) for certification programs or certifying bodies, ANSI/ICE Standard 1100:2010(E) for certificate programs, or ANSI’s standards for Accredited Standards Developers).


Your program’s growth and impact is our other top priority

While we are very effective at promoting our clients’ credentialing programs to potential applicants, we do not stop there. Through an innovative, proven approach to brand development, engagement communications, marketing, and stakeholder relations, we maximize the buy-in, value, and impact of the credentials we manage, leading to significant and sustainable growth.


We have a stake in your success

Some of our competitors will propose a flat fee structure, where they charge per task or per hour. While they may take a client’s program from concept to launch, they usually do not have a financial stake in whether the client’s program prospers, stagnates, or fails after it has been developed. As a direct result of our management fee structure—which is based on a percentage of revenue from the credentialing program—we have a real, tangible incentive to build and manage your program in a way that maximizes its success and growth.


Your program’s financial success is our other, other top priority

Strategic agreements with the best vendors of globally scalable support services to credentialing programs are negotiated based on the combined volume of all Metacred clients, resulting in significant savings for each client. By sharing Metacred’s infrastructure, our clients realize increased ROI due to economies of scale.


We get the big picture

We understand that the profession you represent does not exist in a vacuum. They have stakeholders. Their stakeholders have stakeholders. The success of your credentialing program will largely depend on how well your chosen partner understands those symbiotic relationships, then builds and manages your program to capitalize on the interdependencies of diverse interests.


You will enjoy working with us

We are like you: Smart, reasonable professionals with a consistently positive attitude, a sense of humor, and a passionate dedication to excellence in all we do. We enjoy working with our clients to define and realize their vision and goals, and we believe that a challenge or obstacle is an invitation to create an innovative solution.