Improve Program Quality

All credentialing programs that are managed by Metacred are:

  • • Operated in accordance with globally accepted accreditation standards
  • • Keyed to the client’s mission, vision, and strategic plan
  • • Innovating, taking calculated risks to stay cutting-edge as the market evolves
  • • Executed in conformity with lean enterprise principles

As a brief survey of court decisions or insurance rates illustrates, a poorly administered occupational standard-setting program can expose the sponsoring organization to major legal liability.  Because of our keenly specialized focus, we deliver unmatched staff expertise in the highly technical field of credentialing.

Achieve Sustainable Growth

While we are very effective at promoting our clients’ credentialing programs to potential applicants, we do not stop there.  Through an innovative, proven approach to marketing and government relations, we maximize the buy-in, value, and impact of the credentials we manage–leading to significant and sustainable growth.

Increase ROI and Impact

Strategic agreements with the best vendors of globally scalable support services to credentialing programs are negotiated based on the combined volume of all Metacred clients.  This, and sharing Metacred’s infrastructure, results in significant savings and increased Return on Investment (ROI) for each of our clients.